Invitation – Prepare the way of the Lord 2015

If you are happen to be in Seoul at the end of June,
I would like to invite you to “Prepare the way of the Lord 2015″ conference
that will be held at Sejong Univ. on June 22 – 25 (Mon – Thu).


This year, 4 preachers who are focusing on ministry and restoration around the world, will come and share the Word that they got from the Lord to us on these special conference.

  • Dutch Sheets – Excellent World Leader for Spiritual War and Intercessory Prayer
  • Cindy Jacobs – Prophetess for Restoration of Nations, founder of Generals International
  • Chuck Pierce – Prophet Declaring God’s Timing and Season, president of Glory of Zion International Ministries
  • Rick Ridings – Prophetic Intercessory Prayer Minister who Dedicated to Restoration of Israel, president of Christian Friends of Israel

For more information about the conference, please check this website :
Home Page –
YouTube –

* * *

I went to this conference last year and I’m so blessed.
Especially, because I can listen to the sermon in English, not in Korean as usual :)
So, if you can come, you can contact me and we can attend the conference together.
God bless you!

Philippines Mission Trip 2015

Disclaimer: It was written in March and I just realized that I haven’t post it. Sorry for the long hiatus, I will write new post again soon. ^^

* * *

Hello! It’s already March and I’m very very busy. Working 6 days a week, 15 hours per day in average, it’s really tiring but I have no other choice. By the way, on mid Feb, I got a chance to join mission trip to Philippines. Lots of practice and meeting were hold around late midnight but it was a great time. Now, I want to share few things about this trip.

  • God’s abundant grace

Not by my might, nor by power, but by God’s grace I can join this mission trip. I’ve been so busy with my workload in office so I rarely can join the prayer meeting or help others with the preparation. There were few times where I feel so tired and I want to give up this mission trip so I can take a rest at home during the holiday, but God says no. During the preparation and during the trip, there were moments when I just stopped for few seconds and said “I know it’s You, God. Thank you.” It’s all about Him so His name can be glorified.

  • Love

It`s easy to love others if you are in good condition. However, can you love others even though they are annoying? Can you love others when they make some mistakes and you have to be responsible for their fault? Love is more than a feeling. It is an attitude. Love is an action. Jesus did that and set an example for us.

On the first day, we went to some places where people live not-in-a-good-condition. There are so many children there, but I don’t want to interact with them. Why? Because since I was young, people around me told me to do that. We don’t know what will happen next if you interact with them, so we better stay away from them. But this time, I’m on a mission. I can’t stay away or ignore the kids. So I keep praying, asking God to pour out His love towards them through me. There was some kids who saw me from afar and give me a smile. I smiled back to them. Before we leave the place, some kids came to me and ask for a hug.

How can you resist these kids who comes to you and ask for a hug? That time, I know that the wall which separate me from the children has been broken by.. love. Once again, I learned how to love others regarding their status and condition.

  • Birthday

I have 2 birthdays now! Hihihi. More birthday cake and present for me next year? Woohoo!
I got re-baptized so I’m born again. I’m renewed in Christ. That is my second birthday. I have already baptized when I was 13 or something, but at that time, I don’t think I really know the meaning of it. Then, on 19 Feb 2015, I, an Indonesian, was baptized by Korean church in Bulacan City, Philippines and received prayer from Korean, Filipino and African. What an amazing moment and I’m glad I made decision to do that.

  • Freedom in worship

♬ 있는 힘 다하여 주 앞에 춤추리 ♬

I joined children worship team. We prepared 5 songs so the children can worship God by dancing. We went to kindergarten, elementary school and last, we had children worship in the middle of basketball court in a village. It was an amazing moment. All we did was dancing, jumping, singing, worship God together. We had this worship session about few hours a day, our legs hurts because we were keep jumping during the worship time, but hey, we did that because God is good and He put joy in our heart.
There was a time when I think I couldn’t jump anymore, no more dance, but God gave us new strength and if you were there, you can’t do nothing but worshiping together with all your heart, all your strength! It was tiring but worthed. I would definitely say YES if they asked me to do that again.

  • Community

There are people from 7 different countries that joined this trip: Korea, China, Philippines, Indonesia, US, Congo, and 2 other countries from Africa. I feel so blessed having this multicultural family in Christ. When a person said something, it will be translated at least in 3 languages. Hahaha.
Every tribe, every tounge, every people and nations, all join in God’s mission. How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! (Psalm 133:1)

Last, I want to close this post with some words that my roomate and me always said after talking to each other before bed. “God is good. God is always good.”

* * *

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Welcoming 2015

Bulan Januari udah berjalan setengahnya dan aku super sibuk sampai ga bisa update apa-apa di akhir dan awal tahun ini. Ya, aku udah kembali lagi ke Korea, menutup tahun 2014 dan membuka tahun 2015 di gereja, spent my 25th birthday, dan langsung disambut dengan lembur di kantor. Kerjaan kantor lagi sesibuk itu bahkan aku baru bisa pulang jam 11 malam hampir tiap hari dan harus masuk pas weekend.

Tahun ini buat aku adalah tahun dimana aku akan belajar banyak hal baru, dalam pekerjaan di kantor maupun pelayanan di gereja. Yes, it’s next level. Tahun ini juga tahun ke-8 aku berada di Korea. Tinggal di Korea itu tidak semudah atau seindah di drama, teman-teman. :)

But, one thing for sure, it’s not by my strength, but it because of grace of God. Aku ga bakal bisa sampai di titik ini kalau bukan karena Tuhan. God sent me here, to this city, to this company, to this church and I’ll try to do my best here. It’s time to arise and shine. Let the glory of God shining through my life.

So, one word for 2015, and that word is: GRACE.

Pic from

Pic from

* * *

P.S: You can check my one word for 2013, 2014 here!

Year End Trip – part 1

It`s been 3 days after I arrived in Indonesia and I`m glad to found that I can speak Indonesian.. naturally.

Kemarin, untuk pertama kalinya dalam tahun ini aku akhirnya ikutan kebaktian dalam bahasa Indo dong. Feels a lil bit strange tapi senang karena aku bisa ngerti 100%. Agak kangen sama Korean worship style tapi aku menikmati worship di gereja Indo juga.

Hari ini aku janjian sama teman-teman kuliah buat dinner bareng di GI. Lokasi oke, cukup gampang diraih sama teman-teman yang baru pulang kantor, tapi pertanyaannya adalah gimana caranya aku kesana sendiri dari rumah? FYI, dari rumahku ke GI itu sekitar 1 jam. Dari pagi, aku udah sibuk minta info sama adik kelasku caranya ke GI dari rumah. Dan dia menjelaskan dengan sangat detail. Mesti turun dimana dan harus gimana supaya bisa ke mallnya. Selama perjalanan di bus, aku terus-terusan ngafalin nama halte dimana aku harus turun. Terus aku bahkan sempet ngasih tau penumpang lain cara ke GI. Hahaha. Thanks a lot, Sara!


Pic by Sara :)

Sambil nunggu yang lain datang, aku mampir ke sebuah coffee shop dan memesan minuman.
“Ice choco 하나.. eh satu“
“Oh es coklatnya satu ya. Ada yang lain?“
“Ngga deh. Itu aja.“
“Oke kakak. Silakan duduk. Nanti minumannya kami antar“

Terus aku duduk dong sambil agak bingung gitu. Hahaha. Kenapa aku jawab pake bahasa Korea? Kaya reflek gitu, abis liat menu terus mesennya pake korea. Untung pelayannya santai aja nanggepinnya. Kalau ngga, dia juga mikir kali ya, ni orang Indo kok sok-sokan ngomong pake bahasa yang lain. Hehehe.

Still have 5 more days here and..oh, my friends are coming. Write again soon. ^^

Step Out of the Boat

Found this on my reader and it basically sums up everything I’ve been feeling last week.

“If you wait for all your fears to be gone before you step out of the boat and into your calling, you’ll never leave the boat” – Kerry Shook

* * *

1 thing that I should have realize earlier. Just 1 thing I need to do.
I need to step out of the boat and take the first step.


Fear Not

I’ve been listening to this songs over and over this week.

Actually, similar event happened 2 years ago before I went to Indonesia for my year-end-vacation (read: House of Prayer). So, I guess, God gives me this songs before I go back to Indonesia again this winter. Fear not because He won’t abandon me, the battle is His!

The songs are from Christ Tomlin – Love Ran Red (2014) album.

The Roar – Christ Tomlin

I heard the roar of the lion of Judah
I heard the voice that calms the raging sea
He came to me, came to me
When I needed the Lord
I heard the roar of the lion of Judah

Fear Not – Christ Tomlin

God, He is faithful
Faithful to us
Through troubled waters
He won’t abandon
Fear not!
The Lord God is with us

The truth is a sword
The battle is the Lord’s
Surely He will deliver
So call on His name
He is mighty to save
Surely He will deliver

Be blessed!

Thanksgiving 2014

Setelah sekian lama ga nulis, tiba-tiba disini udah akhir musim gugur aja nih. Hahaha. Nulisnya sih tetep nulis, tapi akhirnya masuk draft semua karena belum sempet diselesaiin. Tapi tulisan yang kali ini beda karena harus dipost sebelum momentnya kelewatan. Hehehe.

Jadi, hari Minggu kemarin di gereja aku ngerayain Thanksgiving dong. Seperti biasanya, di gereja ada lomba ngafalin ayat afalan. Tahun ini ayatnya dari Mazmur 139, dan ini berlaku untuk semua peserta kecuali anak-anak sekolah Minggu. Ayat afalan anak-anak sekolah minggu itu dari Mazmur 23.

Aku dan teman-teman Indo yang lain disuruh mencoba untuk ikutan, boleh pakai bahasa Indo atau bahasa Inggris. Tentunya kami pilih yang bahasa Inggris dong. Kalau pakai bahasa Indo, entar yang lain nggak ngerti. Hehehe. Setelah mencoba menghafal beberapa ayat, akhirnya kami memutuskan untuk ngafalin per bagian, karena susah untuk nyamain tempo dan pengucapannya. Jadi, 1 orang harus ngafalin 6 ayat.


Bible verses that I should memorize


Karena kesibukan masing-masing, kami sebenernya ga gitu punya banyak waktu buat latihan bareng-bareng. Jadi 1 hari sebelum hari H, kami main ke kampus seorang teman (dia harus masuk sekolah walaupun hari Sabtu) dan latihan pas jam makan siang.

Kami harus latihan dan merekam latihan kami soalnya kami ga bisa ikutan gladi resik malem itu. Dan apa jadinya? Selain latihan dan ngerekam, kami malah dapet kesempatan untuk melakukan.. autumn photo session! Yeay! Padahal aku udah pasrah lho tahun ini ga ada foto-foto musim gugur karena pas peaknya musim gugur ini aku malah sibuk jadi ga punya waktu untuk jalan-jalan. Emang Tuhan itu baik ya. Aku malah punya kesempatan buat foto-foto sehari sebelum musimnya resmi ganti jadi musim dingin. Abis itu hujan dan daun-daunnya rontok semua soalnya.


Hari Minggunya, setelah kebaktian, mulai deh acaranya. 1 word for the event: amazing! Syaratnya cuma 1, afalin ayat afalan doang, tapi kreativitas pesertanya boleh diacungin jempol. Anak-anak sekolah minggu bisa ngafalin Mazmur 23 dengan lancar, dan untuk yang remaja dan orang dewasanya, ada yang bikin Mazmur 139 itu jadi lagu, ada yang setengah ngerap gitu ngikutin ritme tepukan tangan, dll.

Hasilnya? We got the second prize! Woohoo! Beneran ga nyangka. Glory to God!

Wear batik on Thanksgiving Day. Baby Shua joined us while we were taking this picture

It was productive and pretty amazing weekend. Busy but I still have time to do household chores, had short quality time with friends, and else. And oh, I will have some events waiting for me on December. Can’t wait!

P.S: I will be home on Christmas! ✈