Invitation – Prepare the way of the Lord 2015

If you are happen to be in Seoul at the end of June,
I would like to invite you to “Prepare the way of the Lord 2015” conference
that will be held at Sejong Univ. on June 22 – 25 (Mon – Thu).


This year, 4 preachers who are focusing on ministry and restoration around the world, will come and share the Word that they got from the Lord to us on these special conference.

  • Dutch Sheets – Excellent World Leader for Spiritual War and Intercessory Prayer
  • Cindy Jacobs – Prophetess for Restoration of Nations, founder of Generals International
  • Chuck Pierce – Prophet Declaring God’s Timing and Season, president of Glory of Zion International Ministries
  • Rick Ridings – Prophetic Intercessory Prayer Minister who Dedicated to Restoration of Israel, president of Christian Friends of Israel

For more information about the conference, please check this website :
Home Page –
YouTube –

* * *

I went to this conference last year and I’m so blessed.
Especially, because I can listen to the sermon in English, not in Korean as usual 🙂
So, if you can come, you can contact me and we can attend the conference together.
God bless you!


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