Happy 5th Birthday

Happy 5th birthday, The Little Light of Mine!

Thank you for being with me through all of this year.
5 years ago, 2010, is a difficult year for me, but, hey, that’s one of my tipping points in life.

2010. I’m on my 3rd year of college.
Struggling with my computer projects, Korean language, and
wandering what I’m gonna to do after graduation.

But now, it’s 2015.
Here I am. Still in Korea.
Sitting in front of my laptop at home, just finish doing a translation job,
checking the company’s advertisement that I made this morning,
and ready to take a shower after posting this. Hahaha.

My life isn’t perfect. But I’m thankful for everything I have now.

* * *

From a girl who tries to act cute


Busan. Spring 2010.

ย To a woman who is ready to fly high ๐Ÿ™‚

Seoul. Fall 2015.

Seoul. Fall 2015.

* * *

So, shine brighter Eveline. Shine!



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