20 Facts About Me


1. I enjoy playing and spending time with babies and kids under 6-7 y.o. for hours.

2. I’m not really good when I meet a new person. Not good at talking. Need longer time to get along with others. Prefer small group than bigger one.

3. I’m good listener.

4. Pink is my favorite color. But one day, my ex-roommate said to me that I have to be more mature. Since then, when I buy something, I choose red or white. Still have few things in pink, but not as much as before.

5. I still sleep with my teddy bear. I have one named Bear-bear and bring him everywhere I go. He loss one of his ear when I was in middle school. And one day, my mom took the bear. I don’t really remember what happen to him. Maybe my mom throw him away. Is it the end of it? Of course not. Then, I got another bear. Blue bear. I have no special name for him, but my dad called him Teddy, and my other friends in university called him BBB (Blind Blue Bear). Why? Because he loss both of his eyes when I was playing with him. I don’t remember exactly why. Hehehe.

Just for reference. Can’t agree more with this article. ๐Ÿ™‚


6. Even though I enjoy travelling and spending some time outside, I also love to stay at home for the whole day on my day off.

7. Learned ballet when I was in kindergarten. Took English and drawing lesson after that. I won some drawing competitions when I was in middle school and the trophies are displayed in my house. I also learned modern dance, cheerleader (I did participated as a cheerleader on a TV program), and learned modelling. Only learned it for a month and I quit. I realize that I’m not that good at that kind of area. Never took any private lesson related with my school subject such as math, physics or else.

8. I prefer to invite some friends to come at my house rather than go and visit their house. Even though it means that I have to clean up my house.

9. I collect postcards and love receiving hand-written letter. I put them all in my treasure box which I open once in a while just to remind myself, how much I am loved.

10. I have this rule: no dating for a year after break up. A year is more than enough to move on, stop comparing others with my ex and preparing my heart to love someone new.

11. I’m a cry baby. My friends even called me water balloon because I can burst into tears anytime, anywhere. (Not really literally, but yeah..)

You can read some stories about it here.

12. Chocolate and ice cream are my stress reliever.


Perfect way to end the day

13. I’m a morning person. I prefer wake up early than staying up late.

14. Prefer ironing than washing clothes. Prefer eating than cooking. ๐Ÿ˜›

15. Sensitive to mosquitoes. I don’t understand why they like me so much. Am I delicious? Even though I’m in a room full of people, they only bite me, not others. Don’t know why.

16. Not a movie person. Filtering what I watch. Don’t want to watch horror or thriller movie. Lately, I don’t watch fantasy movie too.

17. For me, roller coaster is a must-ride attraction on the theme park. I always sit in first 5 rows, never want to sit at the back of the train.

18. On the other hand, I can’t ride any attractions that goes upside down. Makes me dizzy.

19. I love night walk and night talks. I enjoy walking around at night around my neighborhood while watching the stars.

20. A big sister. The one and only granddaughter on father’s side. God’s precious daughter.

The Happy Girl

The Happy Girl

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