23 Things My 13-Years-Old Needs to Know

Inspired by this blog and I decided to make one for my self.

I turned 23 this year and when I’m 13, I was on my 2nd or 3rd year, middle school student.

* * *

Here are 23 things that my 13-years-old needs to know.

1. You will get a chance to study abroad. Yeay. However, it’s not in US, not in SG nor in Germany. You will spend your college days in Korea, dear. A country that you’d never think before.

2. Because of that reason, you have to learn another foreign language in order to live. How challenging! And few years later, your Korean will be better than your Mandarin or your English skills. Sometimes you would prefer to speak in Korean than in English.

3. You will experience a dorm life. One of childhood dreams that come true, right? I know you always imagining how life would be if you and your friends live under the same roof.

4. Also you will get your own studio apartment after you graduated from university. Of course, there will be a lot of tears because you are not used to it. But you can survive, girl.

5. Sometimes you will amaze about how your university friends know you better than your parents. That’s the result of living under the same roof for 4 years.


6. Love, love, LOVE your parents. Respect them. They might did something bad but all they wanna do is to make you happy.

7. You will find yourself saying “My mom said…” “My dad said...” more often than you do in your teenage days.

8. You will realise that you cannot live without rice. I know you like to eat bread but trust me, eating bread, meat and veggies without rice for a whole week? That’s a big no-no.

9. Those meals that your mom or your grandma made are the best meal ever. Don’t be picky over food and enjoy it while you can.

10. Be a good role model for your brother. He will adopt your values and behaviours.  So, be a good sister for him.

11. You will have 2 more brothers. Yes, two. Don’t hate them because it’s not their fault for being born. They know that you are their big sister, even though you only see them few days in a year, and they love to spend some time with you.


12. Stop being a third person in an argument. I know you cannot pick a side, but if you put yourself in the middle, it will cause you trouble. There is a possibility that you will hurt them both. So, just leave them alone. It’s not even your business.

13. Don’t date a guy because you cannot refuse his date request. I know every girls in your red cross team date someone from Flag Hoisting Squad (read: Paskibra in Indonesian) team and you might be feel a little bit proud of yourself because you can date the leader but you will have to get through some hard time.

14. Still on dating tips. Do not date a guy who have different religious view with yours. You got your own standard. Do not lower your standard for a guy.

15. I don’t know why but you always admire a man who can lead. A leader. That what’s you are looking for. You will fall for a leader in one of your class and unfortunately, broke up few years after that. Everything will be okay, but I wonder who would you fall for next time?

16. Searching a good church that can match your spiritual condition is pretty hard. After you found one, it feels like you found your home.

17. Right now you don’t really understand why people should fasting or doing early morning prayer or intercessory prayer. But one day, you will find yourself doing that. In fact, sometimes you feel that you need to do that.20121225_134058

 18. Pay more attention on computer class, especially in C programming class. I know you hate it and really really want to get over it but your C programming skills will be useful in the company. (HINT: you will work in IT company later)

19. You like to write, you like to read. You can express your thought better through writing than conversation. But, not everybody can read what’s on your mind. Learn to speak up your mind.

20. You will travel a lot. However, you cannot leave without a new book in your bag, your blue teddy bear and postcards from country that you have been visited.

21. Stop worrying. You have a great God and He will take care of all your needs. (Phil 4:19)

22. God put you in a great community and either you realise it or not, you are surrounded by people who loves you. Be thankful.

23. Last, whatever it brings, enjoy every moment in your life. 🙂

* * *


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