Things to do before 30

Will Bold the things that I have done.

1. choose your favorite bible verse which can be reminder for the rest of your life
2. go to musical or concert (12.06.24 wicked)
3. learn one music instrument (guitar maybe?)
4. learn how to drive
5. learn how to cook
6. visit a new country once a year
7. find a husband! (yes, husband. not boyfriend)
8. get a summer crush
9. go on a bike ride over an hour and a half (12.04.28 Korea, 선유도 – 여의도- 셋강)
10. meet a celeb, take a picture together and get his/her sign
11. watch the sunrise and sunset
12. do volunteer
13. watch the stars at night
14. go to disneyland in florida
15. hang out with one of your family member (just 2 of you!)
16. candlelight dinner
17. build a snowman or a sandcastle
18. write a diary at least once a month
19. swim with dolphins
20. diving
21. dance with stranger in a foreign country (summer 2010, montreal)
22. backpack in europe
23. kiss in the rain
24. wear bikini on the beach
25. saved someone’s life
26. learn a different language (chinese or portugese, maybe?)
27. have a white christmas
28. take the whole family member (nuclear family) to dinner and pay for it
29. travel to Israel
30. ride a camel across a sandy desert
31. sleep under the stars
32. gone to a huge sport game
33. look up at the night sky through a telescope
34. actually feel happy about your life, even for just a moment
35. kissed on the first date
36. had a picture in the newspaper
37. changed a baby’s diaper
38. had amazing caring friends
39. midnight walk on the beach
40. got flowers for no reason
41. ridden a motorcycle (eventhough I’m afraid of it)
42. slept through an entire flight: takeoff, flight, and landing (winter 2009, Korea – Japan)
43. visited all 7 continents

Few things I wanna try but I don’t think I can let myself to do it:

  • get drunk
  • play in the mud
  • get another pierced on my right ear
  • dye your hair
  • get a tattoo (wings tattoo on my hips)

The list will be updated in the future. Hopefully I can do it all before 30!

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