100 Things To Do In College

Will Bold the things that I have done.

1. Live in a Dorm.
2. Meet new friends at orientation.
3. Have all 8:00am classes. 
4. Eat Ramen Noodles for Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner.
5. Steal your roommate’s food, even if it has their name on it.
6. Become addicted to Red Bull.
7. Do a keg stand.
8. Shotgun a Beer.
9. Become an expert on party drinks.
10. Get noise complaints for partying too hard.
11. Lose your wallet at a party.
12. Lose your keys at a party.
13. Lose your phone at a party.
14. Dance all night.
15. Pull a prank on your roommate.
16. Learn how to do your own laundry.
17. Become a bartender.
18. Hook up with a random person.
19. Pull an all-nighter.
20. Live at Starbucks.
21. Experiment…..
22. Have the best Halloween ever.
23. Write a 30 page paper in one night.
24. Attend a Toga Party.
25. Do “The gallon challenge”.
26. Have sex for the first time….or 50th.
27. Hook up with your TA.
28. Hook up with your RA.
30. Wake up in someone’s front lawn.
31. Tell yourself “I’m never drinking again”.
32. Steal something….or don’t…that’s illegal.
33. Fail your midterm.
34. Make straight A’s….or straight C’s.
35. Become addicted to Facebook.
36. Drop out of college, then start again next semester.
37. Get in to the best shape of your life.
38. Gain the “Freshmen fifteen”.
39. Become a vegetarian.
40. Give up being a vegetarian because you love meat too much.
41. Go to concerts on school nights, your Mom can’t doing anything about it!
42. Max out your credit card.
43. Move off campus into an apartment or house.
44. Realize you cant cook.
45. Find a new hobby.
46. Become addicted to video games.
47. Ride your bike to school everyday.
48. Become an alcoholic.
49. Do a liver cleanse…..or not, who needs a liver.
50. Have all afternoon classes.
51. Take out a student loan.
52. Take out another student loan.
53. Pay off ALL your student loans….or get another one, you can pay it off when your rich and successful, right?
54. Meet a girl/guy and fall in love.
55. Dump them because it’s getting too serious.
56. Become a Hippie.
57. Give up being a Hippie because you like shaving and bathing.
58. Go to every football game.
59. Shave your whole body, because you lost a bet.
60. Jell-O Slip ‘n Slide.
61. Attend a Backyard B-B-Q.
62. Network with business-minded people.
63. Build up your relationship with your favorite college professor.
64. Live on your own and independently.
65. Learn the University’s fight song.
66. Ace at least one class. Nothing prepares you for success quite like success.
     (Got an A+ means I aced the class, right?)

67. Work on campus.
68. Play a game of Ultimate Frisbee.
69. Join at least one club or organization on campus.
70. Get in a fight.
71. Open a savings account.
72. Have a one night stand.
73. Become a champ at Beer Pong.
74. Retire from Beer Pong because nobody can beat you.
75. Go to a strip club.
76. Party till the break of dawn.
77. Jump off something high.
78. Run from the cops.
79. Start a revolution.
80. Change your major.
81. Take summer courses.
82. Get a cat/dog.
83. Start a band, then break up.
84. Ride the bus to school, or walk.
85. Jump into the school fountain during the winter. It’s a rush, they say.
86. Get engaged, then realize your way too young and call it off.
87. Settle for a promise ring.
88. Become popular on YouTube. I hear you make good money doing that.
89. Change your Major…..again..
90. Do a summer internship.
91. Star freaking out because your about to be a senior.
92. Don’t schedule Friday classes, 3 DAY WEEKEND, WOOHOO!
93. Go to the bars when you turn 21! (Did that when I’m 22)
94. Starting thinking about Grad School.
95. Start interviewing for jobs, every weekend. (every 2 weeks, actually)
96. Realize your GPA could be better. (but I’m satisfied with it)
97. Look back on your four years and smile. 🙂
98. Realize how much you’ve changed.
99. Graduate.
100. Once you land that first job…..wish you’d never left college. (SO trueee..)

Taken the list from:


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