Ready to move on

Haaahh. Berkali2 aku menyatakan diri siap untuk move on. Berkali2 aku blg klo aku udah move on koq. Tapi tetep aja banyak yg menyebabkan aku menengok lagi ke belakang. Dan, inilah saatnya. Ketika semua benang2 kusut diluruskan, ketika semua hal mendapat penjelasan, ketika aku akhirnya punya hati dan tekad yg bulat, bener2 bulat, untuk bisa menyatakan: I’m ready to move on.

I’m really happy to spend the time together with him today. Really. I don’t care about his status. I don’t care about anything. I just want to have him as my best friend. He had been my best friend for years and will always be.ย 

So, here I am. Ready to let him go. Fly, run and reach your dream. Happy birthday boy. Wish you all the best.ย Image


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