Urban Zakapa

I got their songs from my bf and I really love their songs! The first Korean band that I really like and they do have talents! Here is some information about them.

“Urban Zakapa (어반 자카파) is an indie-jazz group consisting of nine members; four vocalists and five instrumentalists. Of the four vocalists, there is one female vocal and three male vocals. Urban Zakapa is one of those bands that can’t to be missed out on as they leave a lasting impression on the audience with their musical endeavors.”

조현아 (Jo Hyun Ah) | Position: Vocal
권순일 (Kwon Soon Il) | Position: Vocal Z | Position: Vocal
최재만 (Choi Jae Man) | Position: Vocal
윤지민 (Yoon Ji Min) | Position: Guitar
최윤정 (Choi Yoon Jeong) | Position: Piano | Career: Solo album “The Melody”
이지호 (Lee Ji Ho) | Position: Keyboard
백하형기 (Baek Ha Hyeong Ki) | Position: Keyboard Bass (Double Bass)
한태용 (Han Tae Young) | Position: Drum

My favorite song is Cafe Latte (커피를 마시고). Let’s check their video!

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