May. A Hectic Month.

Welcome May! Welcome projects!

Here is the list of my projects that must be done until the end of semester, June.
Well, it is better if I can do it before next month.

1. Computer Application -> Matching Card
Fortunately it’s a group project so I can share the work with others. And it’s almost complete. We just have to put the final touch, redecorate it and it’s done.

2. Mobile Programming (Android class) -> GoGoFlag
It’s a guessing the flag game using Android. I have made a rough application of it.
What to do next: calculate score, timer, show ranking, layout design

3. Graphics -> Walking Cat, Scenery, final project (?)
I really want to thank God for His grace during this weekend. I spent my weekend making the walking cat program and it finished! I’m pretty satisfied with my work. Haha. I don’t know what the final project will be but I hope it won’t too hard.
What to do next: make the scenery program-> car, road, tree, cloud
Here is the my finished projects.

4. Python Programming -> Card Game, FTP
I have no idea about this. Really. I have to make the GUI but never tried it.
What to do next: learn how to make the GUI using TKinter, try to make the FTP program first.

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