24 December

11.44 am
Minus 2 degree outside. Freezing.

1.43 pm
Watching my mom’s video when she went to Disneyland. It makes me missing her more. And I just realized that I resemble her a lot.  Wide smile, singing, jumping around when we are happy. 😀

2.11 pm
Even though my mom isn’t here, but I can see her smile inside of me.

2.30 pm
Finished my laundry. Continue arranging my stuff.

7.10 pm
Went to church to see some Christmas performances.

10.05 pm
Arrived at Nampodong, after the Christmas performances at church is finished.

10.20 pm
Watch my friend’s Christmas Carol and sing along with others.

11.10 pm
Went back home. Try to catch up the last subway train.

11.50 pm
Realized that I have to catch the last train after I transfered when I heard someone said that.

12.00 am (Christmas!)
In the subway which is full of people.

12.10 am
Hungry! Decided to eat together at 김밥천국 with my friends. Can I consider it as my dinner?

12.30 am
SHOCKED! Met my profesor (김주현) at 김밥천국. He brought lots of instant noodle and bought some kimbab. I wonder what he will do on the Christmas day.

1.00 am
Walked back to dormitory. -7 degree. Can’t feel my toes. Just want to go home as soon as possible.

1.15 am
Arrived safely and finished the day.

Merry Christmas everyone! 😀

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