Just a Day Before Christmas Eve

D-4 before my flight to Indonesia. D-2 till Christmas and still don’t have any plans how to spend Christmas day.

I spent the day doing nothing! Gosh.
Well, I did something but I mean, I did nothing on my stuff. I should do the laundry and pack some things on the other day. Instead that, I went to the trick art museum, watched Narnia and hanging out with some friends.

Today, I spent the whole evening at my room. I tried to pack some things but as usual, I traveled through time. I ended up opening my treasure box. Looking carefully at my stuff one by one and let my mind recall the situation that happened at that time. Pretty fun thing to do, but WRONG time. My room is such a mess now.

Tomorrow I have to wake up early and do my laundry. At the evening I will go to the church, after that, spend the Christmas eve at Nampodong with my friends. Oh, it will be pretty cold tomorrow (the temperature range is from 2 degree until minus 3) so may I have a white Christmas??


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