MT (Minty_avatar Tribe)

MT in Korea is usually related with go to somewhere far with friends, talking, playing, drinking alcohol till late. However, this time I have very different MT. It’s church’s MT. Actually we’re planning to go somewhere but because of some reasons, we decided to stay at church and spend the night there.

It’s started with BBQ party, or in Korea you can say it as “삼겹살 파티”. After that, we had our service. We began to praise the Lord and ended it with some stories which shared by the 집사님 and 전도사님. Then, they left us in the room so we can do everything that we want. Haha.

We played games. It called “Polisi Maling” in Indonesia. It’s actually a game that requires you to mention a thing that is related to the theme, but you can’t say the same thing that have already mention before. The person who is fail to mention it, will get a present. A minty blue toothpaste is ready to decorate your face. Look at this pictures.

With minty blue toothpaste on our face, we look like the people from the Avatar movie. Haha.

Few friends went home around 1 in the morning and the others who stay, continue to play different games like “Samson, Delilah, and Lion” which has same rules with rock, scissor, paper. We had Bible quiz too! We really had fun that night. On the next day, everybody seems tired because they are lack of sleep, but I’m sure they enjoyed the MT and would like to do it again. Me too~


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