A Slight of Happiness

I don’t know why but nowadays, there is always a slight of happiness when I think about my mom.
Until now, I think I’ve been taking good care of myself.
I sometimes take vitamins – one thing that I rarely do, especially when my mom ordered me to do that.
Other good thing is I didn’t catch a flu, because I’m a type of person who can catch a flu easily, eventhough the weather is getting cooler everyday.

I’m pretty busy with some events here. Festivals, contests, and else. I would be glad if I can tell her about my days. However, I’m sure she’s proud of me right now. I become stonger and better person, right Mom?
I’ll always be your best daughter. ^^

P.S.: Please send my greetings to God, all His angels, my little sister, my bf’s grandpa, and everyone there! I’m sure we can meet someday, when the time is come. 🙂



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