2 Minutes Presentation

Actually I’m running out of time to do my homework and prepare for the presentation. But thanks God, it’s all finished.

After seeing the fireworks festival on Saturday, went to church  and Saman practice on Sunday, practically I’m very tired.
I’ve tried to do the homework (the program DES) since 2 weeks ago and started to get confuse because it has so many functions and variables on it. So, I decided to start over again.

It finished at 3 in the morning. Only the program, not the ppt. But I don’t have enough energy to continue so I stopped there and slept. I have to wake up early today because of the Global Gathering Orientation.

The orientation was okay but unfortunately I don’t have enough energy to play or to chit-chat with others. My boyfriend has been a little bit annoying for the whole morning. He always try to poke me or make fun of me, he didn’t want to leave me alone to take a rest!! When I told him about this, he just said “This is the right time to make fun of you because you can’t fight me back!” LOL

After lunch, I continued to make a ppt and it all finished at 3, an hour before the class started. I could slept for few minutes and went to class. 3 seniors started the presentation. 1 of them has not finished his homework, but at least he tried to present his work. After that, the teacher asked the class, who want to go next. Nobody answer. He asked once again and at last, I raised my hand. Among 30 students in my class, only 4 people did their presentation today, including me.

I did my presentation using English. The teacher want me to explain a part of my homework. It’s only a slide and it only took 2 minutes to do it! Gosh! I prepare everything for 2 days and it only takes 2 minutes to end it!! However, I’m glad that I’ve already finished it and it’s time to do other homework. Fighting!

By the way, this is the print screen of the program that I made.


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