How I Spend My Life Lately

Well, nothing much actually. Last week I had long weekend from Friday because it’s Vesak Day on Friday. I ate lunch with Karen and my bf at McD, then spent the afternoon by watching “How to Train Your Dragon” at MegaBox, Somyon. On Saturday, I went to Haeundae with Feli to accompany her taking some pictures for her typography project. It rained all day long so we (me, Sali, Ovi and Sangsu) ordered a chicken for our dinner, plus ice cream cookies for our dessert.

I went to church on Sunday. I got a yellow flower and stockings as Teacher’s Day gifts from the Sunday School. After dinner, Ovi interviewed me and my friends for her project, “Why do you use Twitter?”

Today everything going smoothly. I went to class, did the exercise, went back to home. Nothing special. I have another saman practice today, and I’ve already told that there are people who can’t attend today’s practice. What is the point of practising if there are people who can’t attend?

Last, I hope I can get a reply from NRCSA this week. ASAP. I want to know how things are going and what should I do next. I must prepare everything for applying visa. And mommy, please get well soon. It’s been 2 days you can’t webcam-ing with me. I’m waiting for miracles to happen.


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