Midterm test

My midterm test is finished! yeay. Here is the detail:

Monday: English Listening and Java Programming
English Listening is easy. Just listening to conversation or some story from the CD and answer the multiple choice question. (100/100) -> the prediction score
Java Programming is a lil bit tricky. I’m not sure that my answer is right because it’s a written test and I can’t check the errors. (70/100)

I got 2 days off. I suppose to study for other exams but I just playing around, did my project. Huff.

Thursday: Algorithm and American Market
I could do all the Algorithm test confidently. Pretty sure that I’m gonna get good score if I did all the mathematics questions carefully. (85 or more/100)
On American Market class, I just depends on my economic sense. LOL (85 or more/100)

Friday: Operating Systems and Computer Network
This is the last and the most difficult tests.
I prefer studying Operating Systems than Computer Network because OS is easier to understand and I could learned about it from my lecture notes. (90/100)
Network? 5 chapter. All in Korean and the teacher will give me the test in English. Nice, huh? But I still couldn’t understand it. The professor give us 1 hour and half to do the 30-questions-tests. Guess what? I think I only get few questions right. (30/100) TT

I have to study harder on final. Fighting!!



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